expressive. unique. wood.
expressive. unique. wood.

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We see the special character of every tree

Our philosophy

We and our products stand for ecological and social sustainability, because we organise our activities and production in such a way as to minimise any negative impact on the environment and the community and to maximise positive effects. 

Sustainability can therefore be found in every production step, because we let the nature & soul of the trees live on:

  1. Longevity + values for generations

    Our tables are made for eternity, because every "table grows with you". We have designed our products and our associated service programme in such a way that they can be used with pleasure for many years, thereby creating made-to-measure dining tables that can be adapted time and again to new situations. Whatever life may bring – we are happy to react to the changing circumstances with you. For a one-off additional charge, the old tabletop can be exchanged for a new one. 

  2. Home delivery throughout Europe

    Our solid wood tables are not only beautiful, but also very heavy. That's why we use our Europe-wide personal delivery service to ensure that the tables arrive safely in your new home. We also use it to give our customers a detailed "table enrolment" and polish the surface perfectly before we leave.

  3. Sustainability in material procurement

    We use only trees that come from the region (within a radius of approx. 250 km) and have reached the "end of their life" – this ensures a higher-value use of the raw material wood. Since we only use regional material for our designs, material procurement is less transport-intensive and we know exactly where every single tree comes from (this is also documented precisely for our customers by means of a personalised QR code). 

  4. Sustainability in production

    In the production of our unique pieces, we rely on the power of the sun and efficient use of waste materials. We generate the electricity for production, drying and administration departments using our in-house photovoltaic system, and the heating energy for the workshop originates from production waste. This means that our products are manufactured with almost total energy self-sufficiency.

  5. Social sustainability

    In our team, we count on independence in the organisation of work. This is because we know that those who love what they do and have the freedom to implement their own ideas can create something exceptional. In addition, we set great store by maintaining traditions in all aspects of craftsmanship. Consequently, we hold interesting and exciting handicraft courses on a regular basis – all courses can be found here (link to the courses).

  6. Letting the uniqueness of nature live on

    Letting the uniqueness of nature live on plays a major role for us, since everything that we do is aimed at preserving nature as well as possible in its completely unique form. So we do not shape our wood, because the type of Stammdesign piece that will ultimately result from each trunk is predetermined by nature. To draw even greater attention to their uniqueness, we combine our solid wooden tabletops with an elegant glass supporting structure – this makes our tree-trunk tables appear to float weightlessly over the floor. 

  7. Wooden one-offs as sustainable pieces of furniture

    The raw material wood is a long-lasting CO2 store. For example, a tabletop extracts on average 100 kg of carbon dioxide per table from the atmosphere.

  8. Sustainable tree-planting campaign

    Each Stammdesign customer automatically becomes the sponsor of a new tree which will store carbon for decades and perhaps even centuries to come, thereby closing the cycle. 

One of the Stammdesign trees for our tree trunk furniture

We create wood & design perfection through care & craftsmanship

What we do is nothing other than to preserve nature – in its completely unspoiled form – as well as humanly possible. We do not shape our wood, because the type of object that will ultimately result from each trunk is predetermined by nature. That's why we work considerately with the trees that come to us in our production facility. Only with care, craftsmanship and knowledge of the material can perfection be guaranteed in every piece of Stammdesign furniture.

We see the special character of every tree and let it live on


What makes every object from Stammdesign so special is the selection of the wood. And since we manufacture individual pieces, this all begins in the forest. The home-grown trees with which we work in our manufactory have generally reached the end of their life cycle. They may have fallen victim to a storm, had to make way for safety reasons or died off on the inside. In traditional wood processing, there is usually only one thing that such trunks can still be used for: firewood. But this is the real challenge for us – we see the special character of every tree and let it live on in another form for a long time.

The wood that we use to make a tree-trunk table, wooden sculptures, a longboard or wooden bar components is characterised by its misshapen form, its particular grain structure and its natural growth features. These include knots, inclusions, branches, fungal infestation, reaction wood, forks, discolouration and many more. In other words, features that others call "defects". But this is precisely what has an unbelievable value for us and what we call "nature". Every tree that we use has lived its own unique life – so it only makes sense to show this as well. Every feature tells a story from the tree's completely individual life history. Where did it stand? How many storms did it have to defy? How much light did it receive? All this is preserved in the wood's memory and we let it all be expressed. That is the beauty of nature for us. Expressive. Unique. Wood.

Stammdesign wooden furniture out of love for nature
Stammdesign dining tables are unique handcrafted productsStammdesign produces high-quality wooden furniture

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