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What are tree trunk tables?

A tree trunk table is manufactured by processing a single slab of solid wood, which is further on used as a table - top. The slap is either a cross-section or cut lengthwise from the tree trunk. We don’t saw a slab of wood, only to re-join the pieces back into a single panel.

Why do you manufacture tree trunk tables?

We are inspired by nature’s beauty and all it’s so called “flaws “. While it is common for the woood industry to discard or shred certain cuts of wood for firewood, we consider this very wasteful. We take pride in making a naturally aesthetic, long-lasting pieces of furniture, taking a step away from conventionally produced furniture.

What makes your tables so special?

Every tree has its own fingerprint. A typical table top by Stammdesign has knotholes, cracks and a variety of different colour gradients. We use clear resin solely for structural purposes and to ensure a smooth level surface. Our tables have natural edges, meaning that we don’t trim the slabs besides the top and bottom end.
Every table leg consists of two panes of safety glass to support the weight of the table top. We chose this option to set the focus on the wood grain and structure, which gives the table a floating appearance.
All in all, we produce exclusive, unique furniture which is naturally breath-taking.

I don’t have a lot of space, do you have smaller tables too?

Yes- Every customer can determine how large the table should be. We have a great variety of wooden slabs in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a grand dining table or just a small side table, we can offer you a variety of options.

Which wood types do you process?

We only utilize regional hardwood from Austria. Mostly Ash, Oak, Elm, Walnut and Maple trees are chosen in our manufactory. Also, furniture made of Apple, Pear or Plum trees are an option. Occasionally, we have access to rare local wood species and will save it by notice.

Where do you get the tree trunks from?

We personally choose the logs and have them delivered to the local sawmill. We then take our time positioning the log to ensure an effective yield. We then transport the slabs to our warehouse with is adjacent to the workshop and showroom.

Is it possible to leave the bark on the slabs?

We remove the bark from the long sides of the table, due to clothing or other fabric getting stuck to the rough surface. At the top end, if the trunk splits into branches, we can leave the bark intact.

Do you offer rectangular tables too?

Yes! Although we personally prefer a natural edge, we offer tables with straight, rectangular edges.

Can the table adapt to spaces?

Definitely! We produce the tables to our customer’s needs, meaning that we give every individual enough freedom to choose the slab personally. We will help you make the right decision to ensure the perfect fit in your space. We can also adapt our tables to fulfill your needs for instance fitting a stove or making the table fit in a corner.

Doesn’t a table this size wobble?

Not at all! The glass panes can be adjusted to the flooring, due to the metal hardware and ensure sturdiness.

Which customizable options do you offer?

Whether you like draws, a smartphone compartment integrated power- outlets, we can fulfill your wishes. However, we don’t offer resins in different colours nor legs besides glass.

How durable are the glass panes?

Our table’s glass elements consist of two panes of safety glass, which can withstand even the most tumultuous family lives. According to lab tests the glass panes could handle the maximum pressure of the test machine which ended at 24000N or 2400kg (5291,094 lbs).

Are the glass elements available in different colours?

Yes, besides the clear glass panes we offer several different colours depending on our customers wishes.

Will the glass legs damage the flooring?

To protect the flooring in the designated space and to avoid scratches in the glass feet, we use concealed silicon feet. Therefore, it is possible to move the tables without damage.

What if the flooring is not level?

There is no reason for concern on that behalf, due to the patented metal rail which holds the glass legs. Any uneven areas can be adjusted.

What purpose does the metal rail serve?

The rail ensures a safe and firm stand and counteracts to the natural behaviour of the wood warping. (Comparable to a sliding dovetail construction)

What is Epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a high-quality plastic which we utilize to fill cracks and holes in the wood surface. It is necessary to ensure a level surface for processing and every-day use. We only use resin in areas where it is absolutely necessary. Only clear resin is used for our tables, since we insist on leaving the appearance as natural as possible.’

Which type of oil is used?

To treat the wooden surfaces, we use a blend of various wood oils to create a protective layer.

Are tables from Stammdesign suitable for everyday use?

Absolutely! They are made with the intention to last for generations. Although our tables appear very exclusive, they are meant to be used on a daily basis. As a family dining table or as the central element of a room for business meetings, we offer a product which lasts.

What is the price point of your tables?

The prices vary depending on the preferred wood type and dimensions. The price for a standard dining-/ office table with dimensions at around 2,5m - 3m (8,2ft - 9,5ft) stands at 6500€ - 8000 €. The price regarding coffee tables ranges between 2000€ and 4000€ and washbasins at 1300€ - 1500€. Our floorboards cost around 300 – 400 €/m².

How long do Stammdesign tables last?

A table by Stammdesign is a long-lasting product. Our tables are sturdy and can be renewed anytime since it is easy to treat the surface. The assembly and disassembly allow you to move to a different location at any time.

How will the table be delivered?

We will deliver the table directly to the designated area and assemble it immediately, unless you would like to assemble it yourself. If you ever intend to move, you can rely on our service to assist you.


How much maintenance is involved?

Usually maintaining the table is just as simple as taking care of any wood surface. The clear advantage is that our surfaces are treated with oil. Small blemishes can be repaired by sanding and polishing the damaged area.

How can I clean the table?

To get rid of food stains, smudges or crumbs, a wetted cloth will do the job. In case of stubborn dirt blotches, one can use a soft sponge and soap with a neutral Ph level.

How can I remove wine stains?

Immediately wipe the spilt area clean. The oiled surface generally repels spilled liquids. In case of permanent discolouration one can lightly sand the surface and polish the area with wood oil.

Which substances should I keep away to preserve the surface?

One should avoid any contact with oil besides the surface treatment oil. Grease splatters or molten wax will stain the surface if left untreated.

Where can I purchase surface treatment products?

You can order maintenance products from us. A frequently purchased item is our polishing wax, which revives and protects the surface. Available for 35€ (without shipping).

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