expressive. unique. wood.
expressive. unique. wood.

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We seem something special in every tree and give it new life.

The foremost extraordinary thing about all pieces from Stammdesign is the choice of wood. As every piece is handled individually, its story begins in the forest. The native trees that we work with in our factory have ususally arrived at the end of their life; they have been victims of a storm, needed to be removed for safety reasons or have died internally. In traditional wood processing, there is unfortunately only one purpose for these trees - firewood. At Stammdesign, we embrace this challenge - we see the extraordinary and potential in every tree, and in another form, grant it new life.

The wood that we select will become a family table, a wood sculpture, a longboard or bar element that accentuates the tree’s development, and enhances the woodgrain and natural, individual growth characteristics. Individuality is represented in the knots, inclusions, various fungi, color variations, forks and much more. We never consider these variants mistakes, but cherish all of them as Nature’s art and are proud to include this added character in our finished products.

Every tree has lived it’s own life and every distinction speaks of an episode in it's history and we want to respect that in our pieces. Where has the tree lived? What storms has it withstood? How much light has it soaked in? All of these things are stored in the memory of the wood and we are honoured to share that with you. This is the beauty of Nature; this is Expressive. Unique. Wood.

One of the Stammdesign trees for our tree trunk furniture
A tree trunk is transported to our wood factoryTree trunk for tree trunk tablesA tree trunk is sawn into individual table topsWith a lot of manual work, expertise and sensitivity, unique products made of wood are created at Stammdesign
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