expressive. unique. wood.
expressive. unique. wood.

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Our Stammdesign Team: Wood-Experts and -Enthusiasts

Only those who feel inspired by the uniqueness of wood, can create true pieces

of art from it’s trunk. We are overwhelmed, when we cut down a tree and see what secrets it

hides; we lose ourselves in the countless twists and turns of the knots and can hardly wait to

revive the spirit of the Ash and give it a new life. This passion propels us forward and we hope to

share this in every table, in every design or natural art object from Stammdesign. This is our

Stammdesign mission, and those are the people who live it every day:

Partnerships of Stammdesign

Our partnerships are very important to us. Together our work is not only easier, but also better.

Because of this, we cooperate with companies that share our values; who work and think as

we do.