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Rookie Collection

Our “Rookie Collection” developed out of a project between Stammdesign and the students of Forest Products Technology and Timber Constructions at the Kuchl Campus outside of Salzburg. The talented young designers and woodworking experts designed beautiful furniture with the wood of Stammdesign.

The biggest challenge was the ideation and concept phase before the suitable

woods were selected from the Stammdesign inventory, instead of starting with the wood like we normally do.


We were amazed that the resulting designs from this innovation phase could not be more

different: a chair formed of wood with a filigree metal frame; a wine and spirits stand whose

wooden spindle hints to the design of an old wine press; a massive sideboard created from

giant Swiss pine, that seems to defy the laws of gravity; and an oak bench which combines a

modern form with the traditional.

We are proud that we could support the students in this innovative project, and show at the same time that living craftsmenship and modern Design are not at all contradicting each other.